Teach a lesson, fundraise, help public school students succeed.

Why Join the Teach-A-Thon?

Why Join the Teach-A-Thon?

Why volunteer for Teach-A-Thon?

  • 它有助于提高对教师职业的赞赏,并为课堂拨款筹集资金.
  • You can directly impact on students by exposing them to the business or culinary world. 
  • It’s fun and rewarding for business professionals, community leaders, and teachers! 
  • 当你将STEM技能与现实世界的应用联系起来时,学生们认为主题是重要和必要的, the impact of good credit scores in renting an apartment).
  • 公立学校的捍卫者可以直接了解教室,并发现为什么我们需要支持AG亚游集团官方网站公立学校.

How does this affect our community?

  • Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the fourth largest school district in the United States, comprised of 476 schools, 350,000 students and over 20,000 educators.
  • Many students live in high poverty areas, in fact, 73% of students in M-DCPS qualify for federal free/reduced lunch.
  • Only four out of 10 students from schools in high poverty areas go on to postsecondary education, reducing an annual earnings potential by more than $32,000. 
  • Your participation in Teach-A-Thon serves as a tangible support system for our teachers, further helping us recruit and retain the best for our students.

Did you know?

  • Teaching quality is the single greatest determinant of student achievement.
  • Nearly one-third of new teachers leave the profession after just three years; almost 50% are gone after five years. 
  • 10位教师中有9位用自己的钱为教室购买学习用品(平均自付费用总计800美元).

Funds raised support a variety of programs, including:

  • “一教一松”课堂补助金为教师提供资金,以发展和实施激励和挑战学生学习的教学项目. 
  • 学校粮食森林:在去年的试点项目中,超过78%的学生提高了他们的数学知识分数.
  • Our SmartPath program, (piloted in 3 high schools and currently in 5), has increased students’ college and postsecondary enrollment by 34%.

For sponsorship opportunities or more info, contact:

Marilen Marnett at 305.975.0507 or mmarnett@chiflados.net