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Civics Podcast Application



Our CIVICS PODCAST grant was created to increase student civic engagement through podcasting. AG亚游集团官方网站赠款将为教师提供必要的资金,为学生购买制作播客的设备和与同龄人分享的平台, their community, and the world! 

Student podcasts can cover a variety of pertinent topics such as vaping, gun laws, social media, bullying, 还有环境问题——但最终学生们会选择他们最关心的相关问题. Teachers who receive Podcast Grants help students research topics, identify interview subjects, help students secure interviews, write interview questions, and use critical thinking skills to analyze multiple points of view. 

Funds can be used to purchase podcast recording kits (less than $300), and video creation, editing and script dictation software packages. Grant recipients are required to submit their student podcast topics to the Education Fund, and all student podcasts must include interviews. You are encouraged to attend the Idea Expo Workshop on November 4, 2023  that will provide training on technical details, interviewing techniques and more.

*Exceptions may be made to teachers of lower grades. Please contact the Ideas with Impact Program Director before applying.


Please read through these procedures and considerations before starting your application:

  • All student podcast topics must be civics related.
  • Students must be allowed to select the topic(s) of their podcast. They may choose to focus on one topic for the whole year, or select multiple topics.
  • 一旦学生的课题被选定,你必须得到AG亚游集团官方网站项目主任的批准, and number of episodes planned before you begin.
  • Students are required to establish and defend their point of view on their topic(s), and learn to advocate for the changes they would like to see.
  • Students are required to conduct interviews with experts, elected officials, and others in positions to enact change.
  • Teachers must submit at least 1 episode of their student podcasts. 
  • 您必须获得学校校长的批准,以确保适当的行政人员了解您提交的资助申请.
  • Project funds must be spent during the current school year.
  • A final expense report will be required.
  • The Education Fund reserves the right to publicize all materials, audio files, and photos related to grant programs.
  • Teachers must submit photographs of students recording their podcasts

Contact Information:
Audrey Onyeike
Program Director
Ideas with IMPACT
The Education Fund